Remembering Jim Giancarlo

Oregon Cabaret Artistic Director 1988 - 2014

In 1986, along with his partner Craig Hudson, Jim Giancarlo founded the Oregon Cabaret Theatre, and for nearly thirty years, Jim served as its artistic director, overseeing more than 170 shows and providing jobs and first opportunities for thousands, who then became part of an extended Cabaret family.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Jim migrated west after he discovered life in frigid Buffalo as a social worker wasn't for him and at age 25 he moved to San Francisco to be a writer. There he found himself drawn into the world of dance, which led to Theatre, which led to the first theatre company of which he was a founder: Trenchmouth Musical Productions. Several years later he was hired as a dancer for the Green Show at OSF which led to 6 seasons as a dancer, actor and choreographer.

His sudden passing this year was a deep shock to his Cabaret family and while the shows here go on, they do so only because of the magic of its longtime artistic director.

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