Please order before 7pm

Chicken Marbella gf/df 27

Boneless chicken breast baked in a savory/sweet apricot sauce and served with rice pilaf and brussel sprouts in balsamic vinegar glaze

Short Rib with Red Wine Sauce gf 28

With smashed red potatoes, roasted heirloom carrots with rosemary

Vegetarian Lasagna with Spinach and Summer Squash gf 22

With fresh mozzarella and dill ricotta, served with brussels sprouts in balsamic vinegar glaze

Grilled 8oz Tenderloin Filet with Green Peppercorn Sauce gf 38

With smashed red potatoes and roasted heirloom carrots with rosemary

Vegan Medley v/vg/df/gf 23

Stuffed mushrooms with walnut and black bean "chorizo", served with roasted rosemary carrots, brussels sporuts in balsamic vinegar glaze, and either smashed red potatoes or rice pilaf

Pan Seared Columbia River Steelhead 32

With lemon capers and white wine, and served with rice pilaf and brussels sprouts in balsamic vinegar glaze



Short Rib from The Spitfire Grill Menu


Served only at intermission. Please place order by 7:45 pm. We are unable to take orders for desserts during intermission.

American Pie gf/v 10.5

Buddy Holly loved everything peanut butter, so we're sure he'd love this whipped peanut butter and marionberry pie. 

Flourless Chocolate Torte with Chocolate Ganache Glaze gf/v 10.5

Served with fresh strawberries and dusted with powdered sugar

Dick Hay Pie v 9.5

Choose between chocolate or vanilla ice cream! Layered ice cream, peanut butter filling, chocolate ganache, chocolate cookie crust

Fresh Pear and Apple Cranberry Crisp v/vg option/gf/df df option 9

Topped with vanilla ice cream. Substitute non-dairy ice cream to make this a vegan dessert.

Port and Chocolate Truffles vg/gf 12

4 oz glass of ruby port served with 3 truffles handcrafted by local chocolatier Branson's. Substitute Tawny port 14

Cheese Plate v/gf* 13.50

Fine artisan cheeses with roasted red pepper, hummus, crackers, fresh fruit, carrot and celery sticks

Trio of Sorbets v/vg/df/gf 9

Garnished with mango and raspberry coulis

Please, one check per table. Max. 2 credit cards per check. The 5% Ashland Meals Tax will be added to your bill. We can accept only Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. Sorry, no American Express. Gratuities not included, except for parties of six or more: 18% service charge added.

v-vegetarian vg-vegan gf-gluten free df-dairy free *indicates v/vg/gf/df option is available, please inform your server


Orders for small plates must be placed by 7:30pm 

Stuffed Mushrooms v/vg/gf/df 14.5

Stuffed with vegan walnut and black bean "chorizo" and topped with spicy mango salsa

Balsamic Strawberry Bruschetta with Goat Cheese v 13.5

Served over toasted baguette slices

Classic Prawn Cocktail gf/df 13.5

Five large prawns with traditional cocktail sauce, chopped celery, lemon, fresh tomato and cucumber garnish

Blueberry & Brie Sliders 12

Three blueberry, brie, and beef sliders, topped with caramelized onions and served with pickle wedges  v 12

Cheese Plate v/gf* 15

Fine artisan cheeses with roasted red pepper, hummus, crackers, fresh fruit, carrot and celery sticks

Cabaret Caesar Salad gf* 9.5 md / 13.5 lg

Romaine, croutons, shaved parmesan and house made Caesar dressing, add chicken breast 6 | add lox 7


Strawberry Bruschetta

Flourless Chocolate Cake