Cabaret Biscuits and Gravy

Eggs Benedict


Orders for small plates must be placed by 7:15pm

Roasted Brussels gf/df option/vegetarian option 14 
Pancetta lardons, toasted slivered almonds, tamarind vinaigrette, shaved parmesan & pickled shallot. 

Dungeness Crab Cakes df option 16
Fennel slaw, house remoulade & lemon. 

Mr. Green Salad gf/df/vegan 14
Arugula, kombu, avocado, scallions & kiwi toasted sesame dressing.

Avocado Caesar Salad df option/gf option 15 Large / 9 Small
Chopped and tossed romaine, avocado, croutons, shaved parmesan, and house avocado caesar dressing
Add gravlax 8 | Add chicken 6 | Add toasted walnuts 2

Charcuterie Board gf option/df option 18 whole / 9.5 half
Regional artisan meats, house chutney, assorted house pickles, spiced cashews, fruit and accouterments

Cheese Board v/gf option. 18 whole / 9.5 half
Regional artisan cheese, house mostarda, assorted house pickles, spiced cashews, fruit and accouterments

Soup du Jour 11 bowl / 5.5 cup
Ask your server about today's selection

Please, one check per table. Max. 2 credit cards per check. The 5% Ashland Meals Tax will be added to your bill. We can accept only Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. Sorry, no American Express. Gratuities not included, except for parties of six or more: 18% service charge added.

v-vegetarian vg-vegan gf-gluten free df-dairy free *indicates v/vg/gf/df option is available, please inform your server


Please order before Noon

Cabaret Biscuits & Gravy 17
House buttermilk biscuit, choice of eggs, country style bacon gravy & chives

Daily Omelet Special 18
Served with fresh fruit and house salad.
Ask your server for today’s special omelet!

Belgian Waffle v 15
Fresh berries, chocolate shavings, whipped cream and genuine maple syrup.

Vegan cream cheese stuffed friendly french toast gf/df/vegan 17 
Gluten free bread, cream cheese, oat milk, strawberry compote, toasted almond butter & genuine maple syrup.

Eggs Benedict v option 15
English muffin, pair of poached eggs, and house hollandaise. Served with thyme roasted red potato cakes, fresh fruit and herbs.  Fresh spinach  1 | Cured ham 2 | Avocado 2 | Gravlax 4

House Gravlax and Bagel Plate 15
House gravlax with toasted bagel, cream cheese, sliced red onions, and capers. Served with house salad

Sous Vide 8oz Cedar River New York Steak & Eggs gf option/df option 36
Thyme roasted red potato cake, choice of eggs, toasted english muffin & hollandaise.

Cabaret Tiramisu


Served only at intermission. Please place order by 7:45 pm. We are unable to take orders for desserts during intermission.

Meyer Lemon Panna Cotta 14
Candy crushed almonds, orange crisps, zest & fresh mint. 

Cabaret Tiramisu v 16
Ladyfingers, espresso, kalua, chocolate shavings, mascarpone & Zabaione.

Dick Hay Pie | Special Dick Hay Pie v  11
Ice cream, peanut butter filling, chocolate ganache, chocolate cookie crust. Ask your server about tonight's variation of Dick Hay Pie.

Nightcap v 14
4oz glass of port served with fresh fruit and house chocolate walnut bark

House Made Sorbet v/vg/gf/df 9.5

Cheese Board v/gf option
Artisan cheese, fruit, crackers, spiced cashews, house chutney and accouterments. 18 whole / 9.5 half