She Loves Me Drinks

Drinks inspired by our holiday show

12 Days Of Christmas 

Melt into the holidays with this festive coffee treat. Enjoy our Irish Coffee with a splash of peppermint, a snowball of vanilla ice cream and decorated with a holiday candy cane.

Georg’s Holiday Mule 

Feel the Yuletide spirit with this handsome cocktail. White wine, grapefruit/pomegranate juices, spicy ginger beer and a spritz of fresh lime. Make it a virgin mule for $6.

The Love Letter

We all enjoy getting love letters! This Ambrosia inspired cocktail has a White Wine base, Pineapple/Orange Juices, smooth Coconut Milk, Grenadine and thoughtfully signed with a marshmallow and cherry garnish. Make it a virgin Love Letter for $5

Amalia’s Orange Creamsicle Mimosa 

Indulge with this delectable treat that’s perfect for any adult ice cream lover. This special treat gives a fresh splash on a traditional mimosa.

Maraczek’s Mulled Wine

‘Tis the season for this famously festive drink. Cabernet wine, pomegranate and orange juice are infused with nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla, with a smooth honey finish.

She Loves Me 

Feel the love this holiday season with our refreshing Cranberry Mimosa with a flirtatious kiss of vanilla and fresh cranberry garnish to tingle on your tastebuds. No need to blush. This beautifully heartfelt drink does it for you!