Think you have a piece that fits our theater? Let us know.

Oregon Cabaret Theatre is always interested in fresh new works, provided they fit our rather specific requirements regarding style, size and complexity. Here are some guidelines:

  • Style - 90% of our productions are musicals, although we are also open to specialty comedy pieces (like Greater Tuna, Bullshot Crummond, Irma Vep). Themes can vary greatly. Entertainment value needs to be high which usually means fairly light-hearted themes, though not necessarily fluff. Strong shows with serious material (Quilters, Woody Guthrie's American Song) also work. Straight dramas are better left to other theatres.
  • Size - This is an important issue. Casts larger than 6 or bands of more than 3 or 4 are generally too big for us, both spatially and financially.
  • Complexity - We are well-known as a theatre with excellent production values, and our sets and costumes are always first-rate. However, our stage is not large and we have no backstage or wings and a limited ability to fly. Therefore shows requiring a lot of changes of location are challenging for us.

If you think your show would appeal to us, fill out the form to the right. If it seems like a good fit we will request a script and supporting materials.

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