The Cabaret Story (so far)

Ashland's First Baptist Church was built on the corner of First and Hargadine in 1911. The building was sold in the late 1960s and though it went through several owners over the next fifteen years, the building remained vacant and subject to deterioration and vandalism. At one point it was painted bright pink, creating a very noticeable landmark known locally as "the Old Pink Church."

In 1982 the boarded-up pink building was purchased by Craig Hudson who began a meticulous renovation to restore the structure to its 1911 appearance, including replication of many of the stained glass windows. New features to the building include the landscaped gardens, tiered seating and service areas. The magnificent crystal chandelier and other theatre appointments were salvaged from a 1927 movie palace in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

Starting out with 30 performances in 1986, OCT has steadily grown and now annually presents more than 270 performances of 5 shows in our year-round season (early February through December 31). We have also created 15 original shows and continue to develop new works.

OCT is now a well-established Ashland attraction, popular with visitors and local patrons alike. Its uniquely inviting ambience and consistently high-quality productions have earned OCT a nationwide reputation for excellence that keeps its 140 seats full, six shows a week all year-round.