Our 2015 Season in Review

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Dames at Sea

Directed by Valerie Rachelle

Jillian Van Niel as Ruby
Lucas Blair as Dick
Jessica Blaszak as Mona
Billy Breed as Captain/Hennesey
Emily Fisher as Joan
Scott Reardon as Lucky


Lucas Blair and Jillian Van Niel

Billy Breed and Jessica Blaszak

Musical of Musicals

Directed by Valerie Rachelle

Philip David Black as Jitter
Laura Derocher as Abby
Tony Carter as Billy/Big WIlly
Andrea Hilbrandt as June


Tony Carter, Laura Derocher, & Philip David Black

  Tony Carter & Andrea Hilbrant


Directed by Valerie Rachelle & Michael Jenkinson

Jillian Van Niel as Sally Bowles
Galloway Stevens as The Emcee
Tamara Marston as Fraulein Schneider
Paul Garica as Cliff
Matt Brown as Ernst
John Lambie as Herr Schultz
Leah Kolb as Fritzie/Kost
Kerry Lambert as Cabaret Boy/Bobby/Sailor
Layli Kayhani as Helga
Sierra Wells as Lulu



 Galloway Stevens


 Jillian Van Niel


The 39 Steps

Directed by Rick Robinson

John Stadelman as Richard Hannay
Katie Worley as The Women
Justin Waggle as Clown 1
Stephen Kline as Clown 2




 John Stadelman & Katie Worley

 Justin Waggle, Stephen Kline, Katie Worley, & John Stadelman

A Christmas Carol

Directed by Valerie Rachelle


John Leistner as Ebeneezer Scrooge
Stefan Espinosa as Bob Cratchit
Scott Ford as Present/Ensemble
Vanessa Ballam as Belle/Future/Ensemble
Stephen Kline as Marley/Ensemble
Jessica Blaszak as Mrs. Cratchit/Ensemble
Patrick St. John as Fred/Ensemble
Beth St. John as Past/Ensemble
Will Ransom Peter/Ensemble
Brynn Traynor as Fanny/Ensemble*
Ella Robinson as Fanny/Ensemble*
Nico Moore as Tiny Tim/Ensemble*
Sebastian Espinosa as Tiny Tim/Ensemble*

*The young actors playing Fanny/Ensemble & Tiny Tim/Ensemble share their respective roles and will play them on alternating performances.





 John Leistner, Scott Ford, & Will Ransom


 John Leistner & Patrick St. John


Video Highlights from a A Christmas Carol are coming soon!